Voodoo curses and spells generally conjure up a picture of zombies and tales of revenge. Nothing could be further from the truth, Voodoo has been practiced for both good and bad purposes since African slaves created it in Haiti in the 16th Century. Below are 10 things about Voodoo spells that you might not know.
  • When seeking to avenge something, it is generally held that the seeker is seeking justice, not revenge.
  • Before performing any spell, charm or creating a doll, a circle must be cast. The circle is to protect the spell caster and to give praise to the deities known as Lwa’s or Lao’s.
  • A doll can be made very simply using such things as sticks, cotton, beads, needle and thread and other basic items, but 7 pins must be used and also an item of clothing or something personal such as a strand of hair from the intended if possible.
  • Candles are used a lot for spells, and the color of the candle is very relevant to the spell cast. An example is green, this signifies money, luck and fertility.
  • Days of the week correspond to the burning of the different color of candle. For example Friday is ruled by Venus and green candles should be burned on this day. This is done because it is supposed to bring extra planetary energy toward achieving the goal intended.
  • A candle should never be blown or pinched out. Blowing the candle out blows the desire away, and pinching a flame pinches out the desire.
  • To add power to the Voodoo candle magic, candles should be anointed with an oil appropriate to the intended result. An example of this is Cinnamon oil which is associated with protection.
  • Voodoo is used extensively for home-cleansing, to rid a home of bad energy, and is considered necessary upon moving into a new home.
  • Intent plays a large part in the casting of a spell, the strength of intent is considered very important to achieving a desired result.
  • The practice is also used to bless relationships.
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