In this world where just everyone seems to be in a constant state of tension and stress, it is important that we take care of ourselves where it matters. We can admit to ourselves that the reason why we are constantly stressed is likely to be the hectic schedules in our busy careers. True, true. But then, have you ever thought of how your office chair affects you?

Today, if you look at the market for office chairs, you will see that most if not all of them are advertised to be designed in an ergonomically correct way. These kinds of work chairs are designed with the human body in mind, aiming to help improve its user’s health conditions and correct the possible health problems he is suffering.

Some of these common health problems include incorrect body posture and poor blood circulation. Sitting on ergonomic chairs can dramatically improve your health and even your work productivity. But not all ergonomic office chairs are the same. You need to choose one that will really fit you best. Difficult? Let me help you with this list of the top rated ergonomic work chairs in the market.

Office Star Deluxe Ergonomic Chair

For just below $300, you can already have a leather executive chair that is not only affordable and comfortable but ergonomically correct as well. Like a normal ergonomic office chair, this has an adjustable seat height and arm rest. You can also customize the chair according to how you would want it to recline by adjusting the tilt tension.
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The Office Star Deluxe comes with a high back and a thick, wide cushion and many people say it is a surprisingly good chair for its surprisingly low price. It is well constructed and guarantees superior comfort to its users. The leather though is not high grade (hence the price) but people who have already tried it insists you can hardly feel the difference.

It lacks the other cool adjustments you can find in other much more expensive ergonomic work chairs but it is good enough with its basic but essential features. The Office Star Deluxe also offers a shorter warranty as compared to the more expensive ones. The warranty covers one year on the upholstery, two years on its moving parts and five years for the non-moving parts.

Ergo Mesh Medium Back Task Chair

Priced even lower than the previous ergonomic office chair discussed at just $200, the Ergo Mesh task chair is perfect for people with tight budgets but really want to own a good ergonomic work chair. This is recommended for newly built companies and offices that are just starting to grow. You can easily buy many pieces of these without getting bankrupt.

The Ergo Mesh task chair has a mesh back (hence the name) and an adjustable seat with molded foam/ It also has an adjustable seat height and armrests as well as swivel, tilt and tension functions. Users testified that the chair is really comfortable to use. However, it is a task chair, an entry level office chair so when you decide this is the one that fits your budget, you should not expect it to look like expensive executive work chairs.

So for those who are just starting to open their offices or those who are slowly expanding their businesses, this may be the best ergonomic office chair for you. You will be able to save money but the users of the chairs will be comfortable and productive.