Rhinoplasty to reshape the nose is one of the world’s most common plastic surgery procedures. People who choose to have it performed will need to know the cost of rhinoplasty to start planning towards their goal of having a better looking nose.

The price range for rhinoplasty can be anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000. Why the huge price range? The cost of rhinoplasty, just like the cost of other cosmetic surgery procedures, will be largely dependent on several factors.

Here Are A List Of Factors Which Influences The Final Rhinoplasty Cost That You Pay:

1) Locality Where Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon Is Based

Overall, the average cost of rhinoplasty across the United States is $4,500. Nose jobs can be more expensive if the rhinoplasty surgeon is well known or in a high demand area such as Atlanta, Beverly Hills or New York City. For example, rhinoplasty cost in New York City is approximately $7000, while the same procedure in Oklahoma may cost $5000. If you undergo rhinoplasty in Asia, the cost is likely to be about $2000 to $4000.

2) The Place Where Surgery Is Performed

Where the rhinoplasty is performed is a major determinant in the cost of a nose job. If the nose job must be done in a hospital instead of an outpatient surgery center or office, the cost for facilities will be higher.

3) Skills And Training Of Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A board-certified plastic surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who has extensive, specific rhinoplasty experience, as well as expertise in all areas of facial plastic surgery is likely to command higher fees. A board-certified surgeon would have successfully completed specific and rigorous surgical education and training. Engaging a board-certified surgeon will help ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your condition and reduce the risk of complications.

4) Type Of Anesthesia Used

The cost of rhinoplasty will also depend on whether a local or general anesthetic is required to complete the surgery. If a general anesthetic is needed, the cost will be higher as the services by an anesthesiologist will cost at least $700.

5) Extent of Rhinoplasty Procedure

The extent of modification by surgery makes a difference to the final cost figure. For instance, a minor reshaping or reduction to the point of the nose requires less surgical time as compared to the narrowing the bridge or a complete change to the nose shape. For more information in regards to rhinoplasty in Iran take a look at our web-site.
The type of rhinoplasty procedure, open or closed, also impacts surgical time and subsequent cost.

As you can see, the cost of rhinoplasty will vary based on the surgeon’s skill, the geographic area where the surgeon is based, the place where surgery is to be performed, as well as the type of structural and cosmetic changes required.