Taking Credit Without Proof Of Pay

Who got a loan without proof of salary?

Who got a loan without proof of salary?

Depending on what is meant by this search term, the answer can be positive or negative.

Borrowers can search for a loan without proof of salary online for a variety of reasons.

1. The credit rating is good , but for whatever reason the bank should not be provided with a salary certificate or salary statement.

Taking out a loan in these circumstances is generally not a problem – using a fully digitized application process.

2. There is income , but not from employment or as a civil servant.

The self-employed and pensioners receive loans, provided they have the appropriate credit rating, if not as easily as employees or civil servants.

Of course, they cannot provide proof of salary, but have to prove their income in another way.

Of course, recipients of social benefits such as unemployment benefits or sick pay cannot provide proof of salary, even though they have regular payments.

Beneficiaries of all kinds of social benefits never receive bank loans themselves. However, some financial service providers offer the option of submitting an inquiry together with a co-applicant.

An intermediary for man to person loans makes an exception. According to him, credit projects from recipients of certain social benefits are also accepted.

3. A proof of salary should not be provided because only a small or very irregular income is generated. Special providers of short-term loans are also satisfied with low income, but proof must always be provided.

4. There is no significant income and therefore no proof of salary can be provided. No loans are granted.

A loan without proof of salary is often sought because the creditworthiness is particularly poor and the income is low. Borrowing is then not advisable, even if it were basically possible.

No one can escape the debt trap by taking out additional borrowing. On the contrary: Additional loans only lead deeper into the debt trap.

In the event of over-indebtedness or impending over-indebtedness, only professional advice for debtors with subsequent debt settlement will help.

Below we provide information about credit options without proof of salary.

Some of these offers are extremely questionable because of their very high costs and are therefore not recommended in principle.

Of course, loan seekers have to decide for themselves whether they want to take the interest that sometimes borders on usury or not.


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Instant credit without proof of salary

Instant credit without proof of salary

Fully automated loans allow the loan to be paid out immediately within 24 hours.

An employment relationship and a good credit rating are required.

The entire application process, including the conclusion of a loan, is paperless on the computer. A smartphone is best suited.

Credit customers fill out a credit inquiry online and identify themselves using the so-called video identification procedure.

At the same time, they transmit the access data for their checking account via a secure connection. The bank accesses the bank statements of the past few months and evaluates them for creditworthiness purposes.

At the same time, information is automatically obtained from a credit reporting agency, for example from private credit checker.

If the credit check fails to the satisfaction of the bank, the loan can be concluded with an electronic signature of the borrower. Immediately afterwards, payment is made.

The well-known credit comparison from good credit company contains a fully digitized loan that SolarisBank AG issues.

Employees and civil servants who have been with their employer for at least six months are eligible to apply.

Fully digitized loans such as Kredit2Day are suitable for people who have the money in their account quickly but do not want to provide a written proof of earnings (certificate of earnings).

Loans for the self-employed

Loans for the self-employed

The self-employed do not receive any wages and therefore cannot provide proof of salary. They have to prove their income in another form.

The self-employed often find it difficult to obtain a normal installment loan for private purposes.

For example, they have to prove that they have been self-employed for a few years and submit balance sheets, business evaluations and, in addition, income tax returns for a few years to prove their income and financial situation.

The evaluation of these documents to determine creditworthiness is labor-intensive and difficult to automate. For this reason, there are only a few direct banks that provide loans to the self-employed.

Credit company, a financial service provider, provides a simple and fairly cheap loan for the self-employed – traders and freelancers alike.

The submission of the loan offer is free of charge, i.e. without any upfront costs, and is non-binding.

Smaller amounts are possible from the first month of self-employment. The application process is kept lean. According to Credit company, in the best case scenario, only the most recent bank statements are expected to be sent.

Credit company therefore offers the self-employed with small loan amounts the opportunity to apply for loans without separate proof of income.

Loans for pensioners

Loans for pensioners

Pensioners will find a wide range of loans at good credit company.

Of course, retirees are generally unable to provide proof of salary unless they are still employed.

In order to prove sufficient income, the sending of pension notices is expected. In addition, banks usually require a copy of current bank statements.

With sufficient income, pensioners today have no real problems getting a loan. However, there are restrictions.

With increasing age, many banks limit the amount of possible loan amounts.

There are also age restrictions. Even if many banks shamelessly keep silent about this, pensioners who are 75 years old or older have a hard time finding another loan provider.



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